Fresh Farm Eggs

Fresh farm eggs are available in abundance through our service. Eggs are a great source of essential fats and proteins. We provide fresh eggs for several local communities. Chickens producing fresh eggs we provide have access to plenty of open grass space, nesting boxes, and commercial nutritional feed. Customers will enjoy quality eggs from chickens living in a natural and organic habitat. When chickens can enjoy a natural life, they produce a great product. Eggs are available by the dozen at an affordable price. Contact us to learn more about our eggs and bulk orders.

Raw Honey

Raw honey provides many health benefits including antioxidants while promoting good digestive health. Our raw honey is provided by experienced beekeepers who raise bees through environmentally safe practices. When bees have plenty of space to develop their hives and honeycombs, the result includes the creation of a delicious raw product directly from the source. We provide raw honey by the ounce in jars and jugs. Bulk requests are available when you call ahead or place a request online. Our honey is available without filtering or heating to sustain high nutritional value.

Myotonic Goats (Meat Goats)

Meat goats provide meat and milk, and when raised in a healthy natural environment it results in quality produce people can enjoy. Established goat farm area provides our produce with open pastures known for providing premium produce. They have sufficient source of clean water and natural food including protein. Experts caring for meat goats are careful to monitor their health and well-being to ensure a delicious product people will enjoy. Contact us to learn more about our meat service.